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  • Datasheet RVS Slimline relay Rele extremely narrow (6.2 mm) to take space in the DIN rail of the cabinet and be able to place many more contacts in the smallest space. It is also airtight, so it is not affected by dust or external moisture. Compatible and interchangeable with the 34 series Finder and the relay slim Phoenix Weidmuller among others

    3,92 €
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    Datasheet SVB socket Socket for DIN Rail mounting, type interface with only 6.2 mm wide, for slim relays to plug the 34 series from Finder and generally compatible with Tyco relays, Weidmuller, Phoenix, Carlo Gavazzi and other manufacturers. It has internal electronics to adapt the input voltage, LED and ejector relay. Common bridges available.

    7,16 €
  • Datasheet RQ-T relay series Miniature type relays 1,2 and 4 changeover contacts SPDT, DPDT, 4PDT, for medium power and currents up to 16 amps. Its small size 4 contacts makes it so good for industrial automation. It is fully compatible with Omron MYK series and the 55 series Finder, among others

    5,26 €
  • Datasheet SQ-T socket series Connection socket with window´clamp wiring via terminals for relais with 1 , 2 and 4 contacts with Faston type  pins 2.8 mm. It can be installed on DIN rail 35 mm or on panel, with central or lateral screw fastening. Interchangeable with all manufacturers of relays such as MY type of Omron and 55 series from Finder or C9 model...

    2,87 €
  • Datasheet SF-T socket series Modern socket for DIN rail or panel mounting with high torque screw terminals. Only 12.5 mm wide suitable for relais pins terminals and currents up to 16A. It is compatible with 40 series relays Finder, relays Omron G2R pin and virtually all manufacturers of PCB type relays. Also available for welding on PCB board.

    2,50 €
  • Datasheet Load analog switching / phase angle AC Relay designed to increase tension in the load by controlling the phase angle according to vary the voltage or current, depending on the model, at the input. Equivalent to relays as Carlo Gavazzi, like RM1E23AA50 RM1E23V50 or Celduc

    24,20 €
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    Pack 10 slim relays plus 10 sockets

    3,99 €
  • Datasheet RF-T relay series Very small and easy to replace when plugged into standard sockets for relays Omron G2R type or Finder Series 40

    2,33 €
  • Datasheet RM-FT power relay Relay for applications where a high breaking capacity or load switching both AC and DC is required since it has a wide GAP between contacts. With 7.2 mm faston pinout it is interchangeable with series relays Finder 62 and 65 and the hvac Omron or Phoenix or similar relays Weidmuller. Available with normally open contacts and...

    8,63 €
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    Datasheet Zero crossing AC Specially designed for capacitive loads up to 100A ac and 440V. It can be mounted directly on the panel without sink if the load will be less than 5A, DIN rail or by RSH-MR adapter. It is equivalent to the RA2425-D06 Carlo Gavazzi, CRYDOM D2425 series or series.

    14,65 €
  • Standard DIN rail box width 18-36-106 mm

    2,99 €
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